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“We like INR Bonds for their ethics and integrity; they do not come with any conflict of interest like most other service providers”

Prashant Mishra, A leading Financial Advisor, Bengaluru

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Let us help you keep abreast of the latest developments in the bond markets. Our experts will provide their perspective everyday to navigate the dynamic markets on the Bond Bytes youtube channel.

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Get the latest prices and yields on bonds through the INRBonds Ready Reckoner. INRBonds scours the market for the best prices and yields and makes it available to you.

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Treasury Bills
364 Days
Bharat Bond ETF 2023
Liquid Funds
364 days
Ultra Short Duration fund

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INRBonds offers the following benefits to you

Selected list of bonds based on a proprietary risk model that is credit rating agnostic

Customised solutions through AI driven bond portfolios, structures.

Easy to use partner portal (similar to star MF)

Seamless transactions on bonds

Direct plans for RIAs and indirect plans for MFDs.


Understand Macroeconomic Factors that impact Domestic and Global Bond and Currency markets. Stay updated on Weekly Movements and Outlook of Domestic Benchmark Bonds, SDL Auctions with Spreads, and OIS.